Digital Organizer/Communications Associate Job Description

Organization: Women On The Rise GA

Classification: Part Time

Reports To: Managing Director 

About the Organization:
Women on the Rise is a grassroots organization led by women of color who are targeted and/or impacted by the legal system. Women on the Rise (WOR) works to educate, heal, and empower ourselves, one another, and our communities to demand justice, dignity, and liberation for all. WOR envisions a world where women, families and communities are safe, whole and free. To bring that vision into existence, we transform lives, laws and social institutions. A key component of our work is the Communities Over Cages: Close the Jail ATL Campaign to close the Atlanta city jail. We intend to repurpose the jail into a Center for Wellness & Freedom, and reallocate $32.5 million dollars back into the community. Other programs and work include:

  • Policy advocacy and organizing for reforms to the criminal legal system to reduce the number of people incarcerated in Georgia by 50% in 5 years, 

  • Base building and leadership development work with our formerly-incarcerated members to form “100 Women Rising”, and 

  • Weekly community meetings and events, including Participatory Defense trainings and supporting women returning home from prison. 


The Digital Organizer will serve as an experienced communications generalist providing support to WOR and its campaigns to amplify our work. The ideal candidate will implement digital organizing strategies in collaboration with community organizers to ensure that Women on the Rise continues growing our base, even during COVID-19, and that online action is translated into real political power. The ideal candidate will drive social media strategies and engage traditional media strategies in support of WOR’s programming and campaigns.


Social Media

  • Create and maintain weekly calendar of social media posts and content in alignment with broader organizational or campaign strategy using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter utilizing a social media marketing tool, like Buffer or Hootsuite

  • Stay up-to-date on the work of the organization and participate in meetings and events as needed to document and promote WOR’s work on social media

  • Manage outreach and serve as ambassador for the organization with our membership base, constituency, current and potential supporters, and local and national organizational partners on social media, 

  • Monitor and engage in social media discussions regarding issues related to WOR’s campaigns or other work

  • Create and monitor Facebook events as needed, in partnership with organizers

  • Run ads or paid boosts on Facebook and Instagram as needed, with approval from supervisor

  • Monitor analytics, organizational reach, and post performance on social media 

  • Stay up to date and informed on trends in social media “best practices,” and emerging technologies

Graphic Design & Print

  • Assist in light graphic design work to produce flyers, graphics, memes, and other print or digital materials for use with campaigns, outreach, or events, in partnership with organizers and for approval of direct supervisor 

  • Draft campaign updates, newsletters, and printed outreach and educational materials, in partnership with organizers and for approval of direct supervisor 

Online Organizing and Data Management

  • Support WOR’s online organizing work, including keeping WOR’s member list and database up-to-date, create online petitions or forms as needed, and send action alerts to appropriate targets using Action Network, in partnership with organizers and with approval of direct supervisor

  • Support organizers with tracking member and constituent data and contact information, especially related to street outreach or sign-up at meetings and events

  • Create content for online grassroots fundraising and maintain WOR’s database of donors in Action Network in partnership with direct supervisor and Executive Director

  • Document organization and campaign events and activities via photograph or video and collect photos from members and staff, to utilize online and in other communications

  • Archive photos and videos electronically for quick reference via GoogleDrive/ G Suite or Dropbox

Website Maintenance

  • Assist in maintaining WOR and campaign websites as needed and under supervisorial direction

  • Traditional/ Earned Media 

  • Draft press releases and conduct outreach to traditional media as needed and directed

  • Update WOR’s press list as needed

  • Serve as liaison between organization’s staff or members and journalists, as needed


  • Participate in campaign strategy and other program meetings to stay abreast of campaign developments, and help inform digital communications, and amplify work of the organization

  • Support with rapid response needs, particularly during legislative session or in response to community crises

  • Work with consultants or contractors as needed, such as communications consultants, web designers, graphic designers, photographers or videographers

  • Other duties as assigned


  • 3 years experience in grassroots organization as Digital Organizer, Social Media Coordinator, Communications Associate, or related role

  • Strong political analysis and commitment to racial justice, gender justice, LGBTQ justice, migrant justice, self-determination for communities of color, and ending mass incarceration and criminalization

  • Understanding of the importance of values-aligned language when talking about WOR’s work (such as refraining from the use of terminology like “inmate,” “violent vs. non-violent,” “offender,” etc.)

  • Exceptional computer literacy, including expertise in Microsoft Office Suite, graphic design software, database software, and familiarity with Mac

  • Proven ability to work quickly when needed, complete tasks by deadline, and accomplish multi-pronged, fast-moving projects with multiple stakeholders or players

  • Exceptional attention to detail, including typos and copy-editing skills

  • Highly motivated to learn new skills and increase capacity of organization in area of strategic communications

  • Highly organized, creative, self-directed

  • Exception communication and listening skills 

  • Ability to resolve conflict and work well with others, team-oriented

  • Committed to personal transformation and comfortable working under the leadership of Black formerly-incarcerated women


  • Bachelor’s degree or 3 or more years of experience

  • Experience conducting website maintenance, using programs like or Squarespace

  • Prior experience as a Social Media Coordinator or formal training in “best practices” for use of social media

  • Graphic design experience, or familiarity with Canva

  • Experience organizing within a membership-based organization or coalition 

  • Familiarity with CRMs, online newsletter software, or online organizing platforms like Action Network

  • Experience with social media management tools, like Buffer or Hoot suite

  • People of color who are directly impacted by mass criminalization and mass incarceration, including formerly incarcerated people, are encouraged to apply

  • Experience working with communities and people impacted by mass criminalization and incarceration



The salary range for this position is very competitive and depending on experience.

To apply please send a resume and cover letter, along with 3 references to

WOR operates under the fiscal sponsorship of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a 501c3 organization.


Women on the Rise is grassroots organization led by women of color who are targeted and/or impacted by the legal system. Women on the Rise works to educate, heal, and empower ourselves, one another and our communities to demand justice, dignity, and liberation for all.



 236 Forsyth St. S.W., Ste. 302
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

(404) 948-2197

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Women on the Rise is a project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a 501(c)(3) public charity. As such, all of our activities are nonpartisan in nature. Women on the Rise does not endorse or oppose any candidate for elective public office or political parties.