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Women on the Rise is making an IMPPACT

Women on the Rise has partnered with RestoreHer and ReEnfore to create a coalition called IMPPACT. INFORM MARGINALIZED PEOPLES' POWER AND CULTIVATE TRANSFORMATION.

This coalition is dedicated to informing formerly incarcerated people of their right to vote and the power that comes in doing so! 

May 2022 Newsletter

This month we mailed out the Newsletter to the women inside of Georgia State Prison. Learn more about how we keep women inside involved in change inside and outside in their community. 



Marilynn Winn, Founder & Sr Fellow of Women on the Rise, was joined by Desmond Meade, President and Executive Director of FRRC, and Norris Henderson, Founder and Executive Director of VOTE-NOLA at the Clean Slate Initiative Annual Convening 2022 for the panel titled, "Fireside Chat: Clean Slate in Southern States". 

Clean Slate Initiative Annual Convening 2022
Detroit, MI

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