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Ms. Murry Doesn't Deserve to Die In Isolation Alone

@thesoutherncenter #repost Ms. Murry deserves the chance to see her family for the last time. She does not deserve to die in isolation in prison. A group of women who were incarcerated with Ms. Murry at Lee Arrendale State Prison are rallying to ask for her release – and they need your help. Can you all call the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles today and ask that they release Ms. Murry? Phone Number 1 (404) 656-4661 Here’s a suggested script “I am asking the Board of Pardons and Paroles to do everything in its power to facilitate the release of Shauntrice Murry, who has terminal cancer and likely has just days left to live. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shauntrice’s family is no longer permitted to visit her in prison. It would be unspeakably cruel to keep her in prison to die alone in isolation, without getting the chance to say goodbye to those she loves. Please release her and allow her to die with dignity surrounded by family.” #freeher #clemencyworks#womenontherisega

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Women on the Rise is grassroots organization led by women of color who are targeted and/or impacted by the legal system. Women on the Rise works to educate, heal, and empower ourselves, one another and our communities to demand justice, dignity, and liberation for all.



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