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SIGN OUR PETITION NOW to move $18 million from cuffs to care!

The City of Atlanta is voting on a budget with $18 million dollars for the Atlanta City Detention Center - a building that sits mostly empty and is slated for closure & repurposing into a Center for Wellness & Freedom - in the midst of a global pandemic and a $40 million dollar city budget deficit.

In a time of public health crisis and a loss of millions to the City’s revenue, it is unconscionable for the City of Atlanta to spend $18 million to lock people in cages for jaywalking and disorderly conduct. We can, in no way, allow for this jail - and potential hotspot - to exist any longer in our community, wasting desperately needed resources, criminalizing people for being poor, and making us all less safe. 

Tell Atlanta to move $18 million dollars from cuffs to care!

Have more time?

  1. Call and email your Councilmember to demand they redirect $18 million from cuffs to care. 

  2. Call and email your Councilmember to demand they redirect $18 million from cuffs to care. Phone/ Email Script: Hi, my name is ______ and I live in District ____. I’m calling/ emailing to ask you to move $18 million dollars in the city’s proposed budget out of the Atlanta City Detention Center. With the COVID crisis, the city faces a $40 million dollar deficit and should not be wasting $18 million dollars of taxpayer money to operate a jail that’s mostly empty and already slated for closure. Employees of ACDC should be moved to other departments where they can learn skills for future jobs and truly be of service to our city during this crisis. Move $18 million dollars from cuffs to care and protect the safety and wellness of all Atlantans!

  3. Make a 15 second or less video about why the city should move $18 million from cuffs to care and submit it to (Also send it to so we can share!)

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