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  • VOTING RIGHTS | Women On The Rise

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  • RE-ENTRY | Women On The Rise

    REENTRY 100 Women Rising Women on the Rise is building the political power of formerly-incarcerated women in the metro Atlanta area through organizing, basebuilding, leadership development, and civic engagement. Through our membership base we are helping re-enter healthy and whole individuals. We aim to show up and be a part of the conversation wherever our lives are being discussed, whether it's legislative hearings, city council meetings, or Fulton County commissioner meetings. Our supportive services build the capacity of formerly-incarcerated women to organize. We do this through case management, membership, bi-monthly therapy sessions, weekly support circles, and referrals to resources for employment or other services. Grady & Fulton County Behavioral Health Fulton County provides comprehensive Outpatient Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Services to all Fulton County residents, regardless of ability to pay. We serve uninsured adults, veterans and youth, including those with Medicaid or Medicare. Telehealth and in-person services available for all programs.

  • MEDIA | Women On The Rise

    Women on the Rise in the Press Why Mackenzie Scott Continues to Give Away Millions to Black Non-Profits Dominique Grant Speaks to Senate Committee Against New $2B Jail Formerly incarcerated people are getting a second chance in Fulton County Spike in female incarceration is move in the wrong direction, experts say Cash bail undermines Georgians’ health and safety Fulton County Jail Crisis: “Atlanta Is Becoming The Mecca Of Mass Incarceration” Why are more women in the U.S. being incarcerated? Advocacy groups offer solutions to Fulton County Jail overcrowding Meet ROBYN HASAN 10 have died this year at Georgia’s Fulton County Jail. Is a new facility the solution? A Tale of Two Jails: Fulton County Jail & Atlanta City Detention Center Women on The Rise celebrating Women History

  • ANNUAL REPORTS | Women On The Rise

    2023 Annual Report 2022 Annual Report

  • Nikki Bio | Women On The Rise

    Katrina "Nikki" Wright, Executive Office Assistant Pronouns: She/Her Katrina Wright, the Executive Office Assistant at Women on the Rise, is a resilient individual dedicated to making every moment count. A devoted mother and grandmother, Katrina finds joy in her family, reading, and crafting. Despite facing significant challenges, including a decade of incarceration, she has emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Katrina’s mantra, "The worst thing you've ever done does not define your entire destiny," reflects her belief in second chances and resilience. Her favorite quote, "She believed she could, so she did," continues to inspire her as she charts her path forward

  • PAROLE REFORM | Women On The Rise

    OUR DEMANDS Fairness and Transparency: There are concerns about the transparency of the parole board in Georgia. We the people deserve the right to full access to our justice system which includes fairness when coming up for parole. Cost Reduction: Over incarceration is an issue in America and although it is profitable, maintaining large populations is expensive. People deserve to re-enter society and contribute to our financial system. Rehabilitation: People can not fully rehabilitate without being able to enter society after serving their sentence. Our justice system attempts to promote rehabilitation over punishment but does not consider the importance of access to family, a fair system, and transparency when they are making progress behind prison walls.

  • OUR STORY | Women On The Rise

    OUR HISTORY Founded in 2013 by Marilynn Winn and Xochitl Bervera, Women on the Rise emerged from a profound recognition of the imperative to elevate the voices of justice-affected women. Their vision extended beyond advocacy, aiming to forge vital connections for women reentering society. Over the years, Women on the Rise has garnered community support through impactful campaigns, including the notable Close the Jail initiative in 2018 and the successful overturning of 40 broken window laws in Atlanta. 2013 Women on the Rise was founded by Marilynn Winn and Xochitl Bervera 2013 2013, in effort to defeat a banishment ordinance targeting sex workers in Midtown Atlanta, Women on the Rise & Racial Justice Action Center partnered with LaGender, Inc. and Trans(forming) to form Solutions Not Punishment Collaborative (SNaP Co) to lead a grassroots organizing campaign to defeat a banishment ordinance targeting sex workers in Midtown Atlanta (and soon expanded our home into the building next door, the Brick House) 2015 Women on the Rise worked with other organizations, including 9to5, on a "Ban The Box" campaign and won an executive order to Ban the Box from applications 2017 Led a grassroots coalition that established Policing Alternatives & Diversion Initiative (PAD), designed by people directly impacted by policing and incarceration 2017 Fought alongside RJAC to pass legislation to end 40+ broken windows policies, including reclassification to make marijuana a non-arrestable offense, and increase police transparency and accountability 2018 Launched the Close the Jail Campaign to repurpose Atlanta City Detention Center (ACDC) into a building for community resources 2020 Distributed funds to formerly incarcerated Black women in the form of welcome home packages 2022 Developed women on the rise inside to educate and EMPOWER women inside of Georgia prisons OUR FOUNDERS Marilynn Winn READ BIO Xochitl Bervera READ BIO

  • Robyn Bio | Women On The Rise

    Robyn Hasan-Simpson, Executive Director Pronouns: She/Her Robyn Hasan has been the Executive Director of Women on the Rise GA since 2022. She has gained national attention for her work, including serving on the Biden-Sanders Criminal Justice Reform Committee and leading the campaign to close the Atlanta City Detention Center. She also represents the organization in the Georgia Clemency program with the National Council for Incarcerated Women and Girls. A current New Profit Unlocked Futures Fellow, Robyn has completed fellowships with JustLeadership USA, Women Transcending Collective Leadership, Essie Justice Group, and Women Organizing for Justice & Opportunity Leadership with Columbia University. Robyn is frequently featured in prominent media outlets such as Time Magazine, Yahoo News, The 19th, 11 Alive, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  • Kylah Bio | Women On The Rise

    Kylah Williams, Reentry Specialist Pronouns: She/Her Kylah Williams is the Reentry Specialist at Women on the Rise. After serving an 11-year prison sentence, she faced significant challenges but persevered through adversity to build a successful career. Her passion for service led her to volunteer for various nonprofits before joining Women on the Rise in 2024. Kylah’s resilience and compassion make her an asset to the organization, where she helps others navigate their reentry into society. She is driven by her motto, “When life is nuts… make peanut butter, then all will be smooth!”

  • OUR PARTNERS | Women On The Rise

    ALLIANCES AND COALITIONS Our mission to end mass incarceration and achieve collective liberation is strengthened by the invaluable partnerships we form with a diverse array of organizations, communities, and individuals. Together, we address systemic injustices and promote equitable change. Our partners share our commitment to dismantling oppression and fostering inclusive environments where everyone can thrive. Through collaboration, resource sharing, and unified action, we amplify our impact, ensuring that our efforts reach those who need them most. We are deeply grateful for the dedication and support of our partners, as they are essential to our shared vision of a just and liberated world. COMMUNITIES OVER CAGES Combats prison, jail, and detention center expansion JUSTICE REFORM PARTNERSHIP Collective of organizations supporting justice reform work H.O.A.P.E. COALTION Helping Others Achieve Power & Equity ​ Provides voting rights education and voting registration FULTON COUNTY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Provides comprehensive services to women returning from jail 1/2

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